new orleans, la​

Practice Areas: Compliance, Closeout, Program Management

Landmark Consulting is the disaster recovery consultant for Xavier University’s 786 Project Worksheets valued at $83,834,505 in storm related damages. Landmark’s Compliance Assurance Program ensures that proper guidelines and procedures for procurement, cost alignment, scope of work, reimbursement, documentation submittal and retention, and project closeout are met, both timely and efficiently, all while strictly adhering to Federal Requirements under the Stafford Act. Landmark closeout services include: individual federal grant project review, compiling required supporting documentation, preparation for final inspections, submission of reimbursement requests, obligated funding protection, eligibility advocacy, and insurance reconciliation assistance for all FEMA Project Worksheets (PWs). Landmark has successfully orchestrated reimbursements to the university totaling more than $76 million and more than 90% of the Direct Administrative Costs have been reimbursed to the university for Landmark’s services.  Landmark also wrote a Hazard Mitigation Grant Program plan for Xavier that was approved, without comment.


City of Atlanta

Atlanta, GA


Program Value: $653M

Landmark is the prime contractor providing expert technical assistance for federal grants management, compliance, monitoring, reporting, and expert advisory services to the City of Atlanta and subgrantees for programs funded under the U.S. Treasury Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (the ‘CARES’ Act), ARPA, ERA, CEBG-CV, FEMA and related federal funding resources. We serve as trusted advisors to ensure accountability and safety from the risk of non-compliance regarding specific tasks and deliverables. Landmark Consulting employs our federal grant and contract compliance expertise by providing the following range of services:

  • Program management and compliance oversight of federal funds
  • Assess pre-award activities for compliance objectives and guidance
  • Evaluate current policies and procedures, identify gaps, and recommend changes to meet compliance requirements and mitigate potential financial and compliance risks
  • Design monitoring programs, and implement internal compliance controls, and tools that align with all Treasury Department regulations in connection with the CARES and American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) programs
  • Monitor and review recipient and subrecipient program activities, documents, and financial records for verification of the proper use of funds
  • Records management with retention compliance terms and closeout policies and procedures
  • Maintain a metric platform for monthly, quarterly, and annual compliance monitoring, performance, and financial reporting that fulfills grant obligations




Landmark serves as MCCNO’S Owner’s Representative for the delivery of the Capital Improvement Program (Roofing replacement project, Stage 1- Meeting rooms, lobbies and pre-function renovations and Stage 2- Immersive intervention design) with an estimated value of $390M.


As Owner’s Representative, Landmark will coordinate all project matters, including but not limited to all design and construction activities conducted by:


  • Architects and Engineering Design Teams
  • Additional third-party consultants (if any)
  • CMAR (Construction Management at Risk)


Landmark Service Listing:

  • Stakeholder Management & Coordination
  • Portfolio Analysis & Reporting
  • Program Controls 
  • Document Management


Landmark’s strategy is based on project management principles we developed to structure large, complex, multi-funded programs quickly and compliantly. Our teams detailed understanding of the Owner’s objectives and project requirements allows us to effectively act as Owner’s Rep through all phases of the program.



columbia, sc​

Practice Areas: Program Management, Compliance, Project Controls

Within 3 days of the torrential rain and resulting flooding in parts of South Carolina, Landmark Consulting mobilized an emergency management team and hit the ground running.  The team consisted of experienced professionals specializing in disaster assessments, municipal administration, governmental relations, engineering, architecture, and Federal policy including Public Assistance, Hazard Mitigation and Community Development Block Grants.  Working side by side with the City of Columbia’s staff, Landmark’s Program Management team is responsible for design and construction phases, cash flow analysis and tracking of Direct Administrative Costs for reimbursement. Landmark’s Compliance Assurance Program team ensures that proper guidelines and procedures for procurement, cost alignment, scope of work, reimbursement, documentation submittal and retention, and project closeout are met, both timely and efficiently, while strictly adhering to Federal Requirements under the Stafford Act. The team performed assessments of storm damaged facilities which resulted in an estimated project funding amount of $90 million. Project Worksheets are currently being formulated to capture the damages and estimates to obligate Public Assistance and 404 Hazard Mitigation and 406 Hazard Mitigation Grant Program funding. An Expedited Emergency PW that was formulated, obligated, and advanced in the amount of $7.6 million, was recognized by South Carolina state officials as being one of the largest and most organized projects submitted for funding. Additionally, a Direct Allocation Request was submitted to HUD and granted to the City of Columbia for $19.8 million for CDBG-DR funding.


new york/new jersey

Practice Areas: Management Consulting, Project Controls, Closeout

Landmark is the prime for an on-call contract for disaster recovery consulting services and another for project management services. Change Management Process Improvement – Landmark utilized the knowledge of program management and controls to review the Port’s current processes for managing change by collecting data and performing interviews. Our solution was to find the least intrusive way to improve communication between the various departments. Strategic Integration Transition Plan for Disaster Recovery Program – SMRO’s (Storm Mitigation and Resilience Office) priority is to ensure the infrastructure programs meet federal funding requirements compliantly. The Strategic Integration Transition Plan was officially adopted by the Port of New York & New Jersey. Grants Management, Reporting and Document Control Process Improvements – Landmark developed and implement processes and templates that prepared the SMRO for successful completion of their portfolio of federally funded projects. The three key areas that required support was reporting, document management, and resource planning.


new orleans, la​

Practice Areas: Architecture

Landmark Consulting is the prime Architect for the restoration of the Napoleon Transit Station. The Regional Transit Authority will be using this site as a museum to display the history of the transits and its historical operations, and for board meetings.  The Landmark team includes a firm specializing in historic architecture, a DBE engineering firm and a DBE environmental firm.  The facility was originally built in the 1800s, displaying the Gilded Age Commercial Design.  Landmark has designed the facility’s exterior to be restored to its original design with the approval of the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO).  This project is FEMA funded and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) grant funded. The team prepared an existing condition report detailing the reasons for the adjustment.  Landmark created a cost estimating tool that tracked the scope paid by FEMA vs scope paid by FTA. The tool created justification for additional FEMA eligible costs. Landmark strategically developed scope and design to maximize the two sources of federal funding.

City of Opelousas

Opelousas, la​

Practice Areas: Grants Management

Landmark supported the City’s recovery from Hurricane Laura and Hurricane Delta by assisting the City with recouping $1.8M in funds spent on force account labor during their emergency response period. Landmark mobilized an emergency management assessment team consisting of experienced professionals with backgrounds in grants management, compliance, and project management and developed project worksheets for categories B and F. Landmark provided compliance reviews and assisted the City with damage assessments and project scope formulation for their water well project that sustained damage during Hurricane Laura. Landmark’s team ensures proper guidelines and procedures for procurement, cost alignment, scope of work, reimbursement, documentation submittal and retention, and project closeout are met. Landmark also ensures that projects are both timely and efficiently managed while strictly adhering to Federal Requirements under the Stafford Act.