Landmark Consulting is a Limited Liability Company registered in the state of Louisiana, founded and headquartered in New Orleans in 1996. We offer boutique-styled program and project management, disaster recovery and federal funding compliance. We are a DBE/WBE certified firm, nationally recognized for our ability to consistently deliver quality products and services. We have garnered an outstanding performance reputation of managing disaster recovery programs for municipal agencies, educational institutions and private non-profits, that receive government funds to finance infrastructure projects. Landmark currently maintains four offices (New Orleans, LA, New York City, NY, Houston, TX and Columbia, SC).

At Landmark Consulting,​ “We Deliver More Than Projects, We Build Communities”.

our philosophy


To deliver programs with expertise and proprietary systems, one client at a time


Nationally recognized program management brand with a reputation for integrity, intellectual property and a diverse team of brilliant problem solvers.


Superior Quality

our story

Landmark Consulting, LLC was founded in 1996, and relaunched in January 2011, by Principal and Owner, Keely Carrere Thibodeaux. Landmark is the result of an assessment of lessons learned and a very important realization. Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, LA, in August 2005. After working in the corporate arena on Katrina recovery programs and projects, Keely began to realize that crucial steps were being overlooked in the recovery process, and that closeout was on the horizon. She realized that project controls systems and tools are integral to the success of a program. Incorporating project controls that ensure compliance with Federal funding sources – before, during and after the project is complete, is the only way to avoid audit findings and the potential loss of funding. Project managers focus on three main program components: scope, schedule and budget. Without specific compliance activities, the client is exposed to the risk of cash flow constraints. Although the work is completed, funds may not be reimbursed, or worse, they may have to be repaid. But, there is a better way to get it done. Landmark has developed the practice of “Compliance Focused Program Management”. The Compliance Assurance Program (CAP) is a proprietary system, that incorporates tools and steps in all phases and throughout the lifecycle of a project, to measure and communicate the real-time status of funding compliance. The Landmark team has been carefully constructed, to include experts in the project controls, compliance, closeout and document control areas with a common characteristic. Every Landmark team member has been affected, either personally, professionally or in most cases both, by Hurricane Katrina and has also assisted in recovery efforts in the City of New Orleans.