WTS Annual Conference 2018 Women in Transportation - San Diego, CA

Resiliency & Sustainability: From Planning to Design, Construction, Maintenance, and Operations


The Route to Resilience: Lessons from Integrating Resilience into Transportation Assets


Transportation networks and the organizations that run them were asked how to manage the complexities of a changing climate while being prepared to rebuild with a goal of sustainability in the event of a disaster. This interactive session highlighted real-life challenges for a tightly moderated, collaborative session – leaving with inspiration and ideas to take home. The session moderators hailed from across the country bringing lessons from the Colorado floods in 2013, Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and Superstorm Sandy in New York and New Jersey. Perspectives on resilience are applied through a planning, accounting, finance, and construction lens.



Keely Thibodeaux
Founder and Principal, Landmark Consulting, LLC

Julie Chang
Sam Schwartz Engineering D.P.C.

Elsie Poisson-Vitet
Senior Program Manager – Storm Mitigation and Resilience Office, Port Authority New York & New Jersey

Molly Urbina
President & CEO, Urbina Strategies

2017 AMAC Conference - Houston, TX

Speaker:  Keely Thibodeaux, AIA, PMP

Topic:  The Disaster Recovery:  What Clients Wish They Knew from the Beginning


As a premier architecture and program management firm, Landmark Consulting specializes in disaster recovery assistance and compliance.  Landmark’s compliance program has been proven to successfully set a standard of an outstanding performance history of managing disaster recovery programs for municipal agencies, educational institutions and private non-profits that frequently use government funds to finance infrastructure projects, reconcile and reverse insurance proceeds. We have worked to improve our tools and processes with every new client over the last 11 years. Our experience tells us that a consistent, process driven plan is the key to success. Our implementation plan includes several components, starting with damage assessment and scope development. Our team of consultants and industry leading professionals has experience with applying for, administering and program managing the following federal programs.  Landmark Consulting has combined its technical knowledge base of large scale building programs and disaster funding requirements with the client’s need to recover quickly and developed a solution called the Compliance Assurance Program (CAP) (copyright pending).  We have the unique distinction of working on the Hurricane Katrina recovery over the last 10 years from the perspective as the funding agency, program management consultants and the applicant’s advocate from evacuation to close-out of a catastrophic hurricane event.  Our experience has taught us clients wish that they knew specific information before a disaster occurs because recovery work is not just about the bottom line, it’s about the community.  At Landmark Consulting, we deliver more than projects, we help build communities.

The Disaster Recovery: What Clients Wish They Knew From The Beginning PowerPoint will outline to the audience information that is key to successfully attaining and managing federal funding after a federally declared disaster occurs. During the presentation, we will cover key information that clients wish they knew from the beginning. Key topics such as the importance of tracking funding by utilizing the scope of work, frequent FEMA Audit Findings and a thorough explanation of the DHS|OIG Audit Process. The presentation format is similar to a TED Talk, with a focus on audience interaction.

Hazard Mitigation Conference Presentation 2017

2017 South Carolina Association for Hazard Mitigation Annual Conference

Speaker:  Jeanne Yacoub, PE

Topic:  The Columbia Canal Project…Regulatory Challenges

South Carolina Association For Hazard Mitigation

SC Association For Hazard Mitigation
The Columbia Canal Project…Regulatory Challenges

2017 Annual Conference