Landmark - Covid 19


We Are Experts in Disaster Recovery. COVID-19 is No Exception.

Navigating this ever-changing health crisis can be overwhelming – especially for municipalities, institutions and non-profits. Landmark Consulting is open and hard at work to help reduce the stress in these unprecedented times. We specialize in disaster recovery, and COVID-19 is indeed a disaster. We’ve executed emergency grant compliance and project management during natural disasters like hurricanes Katrina, Sandy, Harvey and the historic floods of South Carolina. The recent COVID-19 pandemic, while not considered a natural disaster, has had a disastrous impact on the health and economic viability of millions.

Because of this, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has been authorized to reimburse local and state government agencies; for-profit and non-profits; and educational facilities for any eligible expenses that reduce public risk in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Multiple federal funding sources will be made available in the coming weeks. We are tracking a significant investment in the community via the CARES Act.

Landmark Can Help in the Following Ways

Match your agency with federal grant opportunities.

Obtain grants and federal assistance for your municipality, institution or private non-profit.

Find resources to cover our expenses