Ingrid Berger

Project Coordinator

Ingrid Berger has over 11 years’ experience with Disaster Recovery Document Control, Grants Management, Data Management, and Audits including FEMA and state closeout document requirements. She has experience working in Oracle, Deltek and Grants Management Portal. Experience with ensuring accuracy, quality and integrity of documents obtained for project file completion. She is proficient in storing, managing, and tracking program documents. As Project Coordinator, she organizes, manages, and plans complex projects for Landmark’s research, development, and product implementation efforts. In addition, she is responsible for creating, updating and coordinating project schedules while working closely with team leaders to build, evaluate and optimize project schedules.


Ingrid brings a wealth of knowledge as a Document Control Specialist, with more than 20 years’ of experience in organizing, storing, managing and documenting the lifecycle of project documentation. Ingrid has managed the record keeping for documents for FEMA, CDBG, and State funded Projects. Ingrid is proficient in Sharepoint to include design, upload and maintenance of Sharepoint site. Ingrid has closed out more than 50 FEMA Roads PWs with no missing documents. She has also participated in Federal and State audits providing necessary documents to the auditors upon demand.