March 1, 2018

Xavier Uuniversity, New Orleans, LA

Practice Areas: Compliance, Closeout, Program Management

Landmark Consulting is the disaster recovery consultant for Xavier University’s 786 Project Worksheets valued at $83,834,505 in storm-related damages. Landmark’s Compliance Assurance Program ensures that proper guidelines and procedures for procurement, cost alignment, the scope of work, reimbursement, documentation submittal and retention, and project closeout are met, both timely and efficiently, all while strictly adhering to Federal Requirements under the Stafford Act. Landmark closeout services include individual federal grant project review, compiling required supporting documentation, preparation for final inspections, submission of reimbursement requests, obligated funding protection, eligibility advocacy, and insurance reconciliation assistance for all FEMA Project Worksheets (PWs). Landmark has successfully orchestrated reimbursements to the university totaling more than $76 million and more than 90% of the Direct Administrative Costs have been reimbursed to the university for Landmark’s services. Landmark also wrote a Hazard Mitigation Grant Program plan for Xavier that was approved, without comment.